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A Passion For Public Speaking...
It seems like yesterday that I was first introduced to public speaking...I remember standing on a stage for the first time, paralyzed with fear.  As an introverted person, it was the last place I thought I would ever be...On a stage with 400 people looking right at me.   That was in 2009 and a lot has changed since then.   

I've been fortunate enough to speak to thousands of people in 46 different states.  Speaking, coaching and training have become my passion in life.  I'm obsessed with it, and I want to share that obsession with you. 

Public speaking is an art and a science.  It gives you the ability to influence people in a positive way and It's something that anyone can master with the right training.   I've learned a lot since the beginning and had some of the best mentors in the business.  It's been an amazing ride.  Now I want to help other people experience all of the amazing things that public speaking can provide.  

Join me on this journey and you too will become an amazing public speaker, communicator, and facilitator.  

Welcome to Public Speaking Secrets....

Scot Stafford
What's Inside...
16 Modules...Over 100 videos of Public Speaking Secrets
Module #1 - The Ultimate Speaker Intoduction
This 10 step speaker introduction will have you looking like a seasoned pro in no time at all!  You will learn how to captivate an audience within the first 10 minutes of your presentation even if you've never been on a stage before.  It doesn't matter if you are speaking to a large group, doing a medium sized workshop, or even giving a toast at a wedding, you will have the skills to look like a Rock Star on the stage.  Includes 12 videos, cheat sheets, and sample introductions that you can tailor to your needs. 
Module #2 - How To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking
It's been said that the fear of public speaking ranks #1 on most peoples list of fears.   Even over the fear of DEATH!  Fear is often times manufactured in our minds and over the years I have come up with 8 things that will help you CRUSH that fear once and for all!   
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* Modules Subject To Change
  • Module #3: Common Elements Of  A Presentationd
  • Module #4:  How To Get Massive Participation
  • Module #5 : Secrets Of Posture Language
  • ​Module #6 : Stimulus & Response Tool Box
  • ​Module #7 : Storytelling Success
  • ​Module #8 : The Triple H Method
  • ​Module #9 : Rapport Secrets
  • Module #10 : How To Become  A Master Facilitator
  • Module #11:  Framing & Pre-Suasion
  • ​Module #12 : Killer Questions Course 
  • ​Module #13: Crushing Objections and DIGJAMS
  • ​​Module #14 : Segment Planning 
  • ​Module #15: Practice Techniques
  • ​Module #16: How To Find Speaking Gigs and GET PAID! 
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